What I’ve Learned

What I’ve Learned Another birthday has come and gone. I’ve gone around the sun 57 times. As Simon and Garfunkel once sang, “I am older than I once was but younger than I’ll be”.  I’m not a young whippersnapper. I’m a mature whippersnapper. I’m not a spring chicken.  I’m an older, wiser, rooster. I don’t feel old. [...]

Big News!

  This Week’s Picks returns for an entire season! Watch [...]

The Obligatory Democratic National Co...

Oh well, another week and another political convention. The Democratic National Convention convened on Monday night in Philadelphia, the home of the people that boo Santa Claus. Appropriately enough, the convention began with people booing the invocation. That’s the modern day Democratic Party. The reason for the boos was the leaked e-mails. A website, WikiLeaks, [...]

The Obligatory Republican National Co...

I don’t know whose big idea it was, but there is going to be another convention by a major American political party this week.  It will be The Democratic National Convention and it is being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and the city that boos Santa Claus. Last week, The Republican [...]

Wine With Dinner

  Drinks before dinner and wine with dinner and after-dinner drinks. Single-entendre, help me, Rhonda look for my cufflinks! Come with me and you will see it all will be all right. Rudolph the red-nosed wino is gonna guide our sleigh tonight   ~ Loudon Wainwright III One of my favorite church jokes is how you [...]

A Quarter In The Voting Booth

A Quarter In The Voting Booth Oh well, you didn’t really think Hillary Clinton was going to be indicted, did you? “Let’s see what Manis has posted on Facebook.” We’ve seen this movie before and we should have known the ending.  Clintons don’t have to pay for their “mistakes”.  They live above the law. It’s [...]