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Alan Manis is a humorist who was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. He has been posting his blog, Humor Me, since 2009. It is read by dozens of people, all of whom are very smart and very important. Trust us.
This collection of humorous essays touches on all aspects of life – looking at them all through eyes that see things just a bit different than the average person. But hey – who wants to be average? Just right for pondering life’s imponderables, “Go Ahead and Humor Me” is full of the kind of “slice of life” tales that tickle the funny bone and tug at the heartstrings.

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For ten years, Alan Manis watched and helped coach recreational league baseball. He has pitched batting practice, hit grounders and high pops to various kids in the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s. He has argued calls. He filled out lineups. He had even kept a scorecard.
Due to a protective mother, Alan did not play ball when he was a kid because he had a condition doctors refer to as “dorkiness”. He swore his son would have a normal athletic life. His son did and this book is about what Alan observed in their time together in “rec ball”.
Alan is a humorist from Marietta, Georgia and his life is full of stories like this. Seriously.

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Alan Manis is a humorist from Marietta, Georgia and a graduate of Cobb County Public Schools, which means he gets a pretty good discount at all of the classy BBQ joints throughout the south. He was short, skinny, and near-sighted as a bat in high school. (He’s still that today except substitute the word “fat” for “skinny”).
Alan was the guy in class who always said something funny. In the words of one classmate, “Everyone thought that he was funny – I thought he was sick”. He had several hard classes in high school and passed some of them.
He was never on any athletic team. He was not in the band. He was not in any clubs. His picture usually only appeared in one spot in the annual. Yet, he still managed to marry a cheerleader.

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