I have been Cobb County’s leading humorist since 1959. I am a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a bachelor’s degree in the exciting money-making field of History. I also spent two years at Louisiana College where I met many people whose last names have “eaux” in them. I worked in health insurance  for many years (once working for three different companies in one year and never leaving my desk) administrating a policy written in large part by the United Auto Workers. This means I learned a lot of  new cuss words.  I currently work in the Revenue Cycle of a large health system using my knowledge of the dark side to obtain insurance monies. This is where my knowledge of bad words comes in handy. Despite the fact I sort of look like a gargoyle, I somehow managed to marry a total babe, Lori. We live in Marietta, Georgia with our thousand year old cat, Gracie, who is insane.  Together,  Lori and I have raised one son into adulthood. His name is Ben and he is married to Anneliese and together they have blessed us with a Grandcat, a blue cross eyed pile of fur named LP.

I have been writing, on and off, for about thirty-five years. I write humor. I just want some laughs. That’s it. I am not trying to change the world. I’m just trying to make it laugh.

Like most of my kind, I started out with Mad Magazine. Then I worked my way up to National Lampoon. Now I read the Onion.

My biggest influences: Lewis Grizzard (talk about leaving us too soon), Dave Barry (he always cracks me up) and P.J. O’Rourke (I actually talked to him online once. Really.) Currently, I really-really like James Lileks.  If I could ever write half-way as good as any of these guys, I would be pleased.

I write on Politics (I’m a conservative), Religion (Southern Baptist, glory!) and pop culture. I’m pretty well convinced we’ve already gone to Hell in a hand basket, it is just a matter of getting checked in.

I also comment on Music. I like any music where the singer cannot sing an actual note. Translation: I like Dylan, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen, et. al.  Oddly enough, I also like Neil Diamond. If you don’t bring me flowers, I think I’ll know why.

I write a lot about College Football because most people who are college football fans are insane. But not in a good way. I am expecting most of my hate comments regarding this topic.